Turn your Product Photos into E-Commerce Infographics WITHOUT hiring a designer, using one of our most popular templates…for $̶9̶.̶9̶5̶ FREE!

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Free Product Infographic Template 

by Skyline FBA

Quickly create an e-commerce listing that looks better than the competition (without hiring a designer).

  • Format: Adobe Photoshop
  • Layers: 14 layers, 6 groups for maximum customization
  • Optimized for Amazon zoom feature in 2000px by 2000px at 300dpi
  • Use template in your commercial projects
  • Instant download

I really enjoyed using the Product Infographic Template Pack! The templates are easy to use and help me quickly create e-commerce infographics without having to hire a designer. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to create infographics for their e-commerce business.

Vladimir S.

Amazon seller

Wow! I found this product infographic template pack very helpful when creating e-commerce infographics. I am a freelance consultant and often need to create these types of graphics for my clients, but often don’t have the time to design them myself. This pack allowed me to quickly and easily create professional-looking infographics that reflect my clients’ brand. The templates are easy to edit, and the layers are well organized. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone in need of quick and professional-looking infographics.

Valorie B.

E-Commerce Consultant

As a professional photographer, I often need to create product infographics for my clients. This pack of templates is an amazing time-saver! The designs are based on the best sellers on Amazon, so they are perfect for e-commerce businesses. Each layer is easily editable, so you can customize the templates to your own brand. I highly recommend this pack to anyone who needs to create product infographics quickly and easily.

William R.

Product Photographer

I’m sure by now you’ve been browsing on Amazon and noticed that many products have these gorgeous infographics in their listing photos.

These help to show potential customers all of the features and benefits of the product at a glance, and can really make your listing stand out from the competition. This not only helps boost conversions and sales, but can also help your products get found in search results.

Creating an infographic used to be a time-consuming and costly process, especially when you are looking at a blank canvas and trying to come up with all of the content and design yourself.

But with our free product infographic template, all you need to do is insert your product photos and change the description to make it your own!

We’ve got many templates to choose from, so we’re offering a sample of our most popular one for free.

Why not give it a try today and see how easy it is to create an infographic with our free template? Subscribe to our newsletter to download now!

Skyline FBA