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About Skyline FBA

Husband & Wife Product Photography Team
Benjamin and Sheila Harty

We are Skyline FBA

Based out of Camano Island, WA in the United States, Benjamin & Sheila Harty are a husband and wife team that specialize in product photography for Amazon sellers who are looking for an edge to stand out from competing listings online.

They first started out in 2018 as Amazon sellers themselves, and quickly realized how fast a market can become saturated. After honing in their photography skills, they improved their listing and started to receive requests to do photography for other sellers within their circle.

Now, they have developed a "Hero Image Framework" for a product listing that goes beyond the basic "white background" product photos.

Photigy Certified Product Photographer

Founded by expert photographer Alex Koloskov, the Photigy School of Photography certifies product photographers through a series of assignments to demonstrate the complete control and understanding of lighting difficult products, such as glass, reflective surfaces, textures, accurate colors, etc.

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See the difference between the average product photo and Skyline FBA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's your average turn-around time?
    Lead time

    We only work with a limited number of clients at a time. With that said, the average turn-around time for most projects is within 7-14 business days or sooner.

  • How is content delivered?
    Receiving your files

    Once your project is complete, you will be sent a digital gallery where you can download your photos instantly.

  • Do you provide post-processing?
    Editing/Final images

    Yes! All of our content is fully edited and ready to be published.

    For photos, we use advanced retouching methods that incorporate frequency separation to clean up the image.

    For video, we use industry standard editing techniques, commercially licensed royalty-free music, and delivered in 1080p.

  • What specifications will the images be delivered?
    Photo requirements

    For most Amazon/E-Commerce sites, standard high resolution photos will be delivered in:

    • 2000px by 2000px JPEG image size (Optimal for Amazon Zoom) at 300 DPI.
    • Pure White or Black background on Matte or Gloss bottoms.
    • 16:9 Ratio available upon request.
  • Do you return my products?
    After the shoot

    We realize that not everyone wants to have their products returned, while others are working with prototypes that need to be returned ASAP. Before we quote your project, we will ask if you need your product returned and will handle the return after the shoot is finished, otherwise we will donate it to charity or someone in need after the project is complete.

  • What is your reshoot policy?

    Revisions are determined as anything to do with post-production and pricing is dependent on the scope of the project. Changes to composition, or anything outside of post-production, is considered a reshoot and will be charged accordingly.

  • What type of licensing do you provide?

    Licensing is negotiated on case by case basis for each project, depending on your needs. The fewer areas you plan to use the images, the cheaper your options will be.

    All licenses include royalty-free, commercial use unless otherwise negotiated.

    As with hiring any photographer, all content remains the sole intellectual property of Skyline FBA, and you are licensing the permitted use of our content for commercial purposes.

    We do not offer a “buy out” of our Copyright. If you would like to own the Copyright, check out our blog where we give tips and tricks on how to do your own product photography.