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Benjamin and Sheila Harty


Benjamin Harty
Digital Media Strategist

Benjamin is a veteran who served in the Marine Corps in 2004, and has over 12 years of experience in digital content creation.

Prior to handling the video production side of Skyline FBA, he served as a Water Treatment Plant Operator for systems in Timber Cove, CA and Camano Island, WA.

Strategies for how digital media all works together is his specialty, and he loves it when a plan comes together.


Sheila Harty
Creative Director

Hey! I’m Sheila.

I’ve been a photographer since 2003 and have had the pleasure of taking photos of families, friends, school children in sponsorships programs, weddings, events, nature, architecture, real-estate, wonders of the world and third world countries.

With nearly 20 years of photographic experience, I’m passionate about learning what it takes to push my skills to the next level… I guess that makes me a photography nerd! =)

Actually, it just means I work hard at what I do!

We’re Skyline FBA

Tired Of Your Product Getting Lost In The Sea Of Sameness?

We understand your pain.

You could have gone to any product photographer to get your images and promotional videos created.

With so many options, how are you supposed to choose?

Likewise, your potential customers are also having trouble deciding between your product and your competitors.

So let’s make it easy for them!

At Skyline FBA, we take the time to understand your product and your customer. 

We research your customers needs and craft digital media designed to set your brand apart so you can grow your business with solutions tailored to you.

Pictures Taken

Unsatisfied Clients

In Additional Revenue Generated For Our Clients

Pots of Coffee

Our Skills

Together with my wife, we are visual storytellers that specialize in product photography & video production with a focus on helping sellers like you improve your image, so you can be the brand your competitors envy.

We have been creating digital media for over 10 years and love coming up with new ways to improve our craft.

What We Do
Design. Create. Empower.

Camera for Product Photography

Product Photography

As photographers and content creators, our job isn’t just to create listing photos to show off your product, but to draw out the inherent desire for your product from your potential customers.

Because in an online world, image is EVERYTHING

Especially when it comes to your product.

It can make the difference between a product that flops, and a product that does hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue each year.

Ever wonder why some brands can charge a much higher price for their products? It’s because carefully crafted imagery is responsible for your brands perceived value, and 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.

So whether you need studio photos for your listing or want to capture your customers’ imagination with lifestyle/editorial content, we have a solution for you!

Video Production

Video Production

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

Video consumption is set to account for 82% of ALL online activity in the coming years, and is the most effective form of content for advertising your product, boosting engagement with your brand by up to 72%!

So how can we use video to speak to the hearts and minds of your customers?

By making your customers feel something!

Whether it’s a promotional video from a studio environment, an overview of an unboxing or a Cinematic lifestyle video, we start by understanding your brand so we can craft a feeling specific to your audience that they will respond to.

Storytelling Is Our Secret

When we say “storytelling,” we don’t mean sitting around a campfire telling a tale. We mean the psychology behind guiding your customers’ imagination through their own journey.

At Skyline FBA, we specialize in visual storytelling designed to speak to your target customers’ deeper emotions to whip them up into a buying frenzy.

We don’t just focus on your product, but the core desires and motivations behind why your customers would want your product.

We continuously study the art of how it can be used to create memorable moments for your product, so you can give your brand a voice and boost its perceived value.

As the saying goes: facts tell, stories sellAnd we can be your secret weapon.

Our Process

Plan. Execute. Deploy.



Once you send us your product, we  research your brand and target customer so we can understand what they value and why they purchase.

Then we look for ways we can set your images/videos apart through different staging/lighting techniques, and tell a visual story that your customers can relate to.


Then we begin the production stage of your content where the assets are created and meticulously edited to put on the finishing touches before delivery.

We then send you proofs of the final deliverables where you can approve them or ask for revisions.




Once you approve the final drafts and are satisfied, we send you a digital download link and store your files on our server for up to 3 months.

NEW: Finally, we create a featured landing page for your product using the assets we created and send paid traffic to your listing for a short time.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

We love creating content for our clients that boosts customer engagement. Become a success story too.

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