Product Infographic Template Pack (Vol. 1)

By Skyline FBA

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Drive more sales, create content faster, and have an E-Commerce listing that looks better than the competition (without hiring a designer).

(15) Fifteen uniquely-designed templates for Adobe Photoshop.

Canva alternatives with a free account.

38 custom, contextual infographic power icons.

99 checkmark and cross icons.

Optimized for Amazon in 2000px by 2000px at 300dpi.

Royalty-Free commercial use license.

Massive 80% savings.

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Vladimir S.
Amazon Seller
I really enjoyed using this... The templates are easy to use and help me quickly create infographics without having to hire a designer. I would definitely recommend this to anyone to create infographics for their e-commerce business.
Valorie B.
E-Commerce Consultant
Wow! I found this product infographic template pack very helpful. I am a freelance consultant and often need to create these types of graphics for my clients, but often don’t have the time to design them myself. This pack allowed me to quickly create professional-looking infographics that reflect my clients’ brand. The templates are easy to edit, and the layers are well organized. Yes I would definitely recommend this product to anyone in need of quick and professional-looking infographics.
William R.
As a professional photographer, I often need to create product infographics for my clients. This pack of templates is a time-saver! Each layer is easily editable, so I can customize the templates to each brand. I highly recommend this pack to anyone who needs to create product infographics quickly and easily.
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The Product Infographic Template Pack

Create Product Infographics for your e-commerce store, or clients, that look like you hired a professional designer. This kit has everything you need to create a product infographic where the aesthetics match your thought leadership and brand… even if you don’t know how to design.

Our Product Infographic Templates are inspired by the top selling Amazon listings so you can get the attention of your potential shoppers!

Create Infographics Up To 6X Faster

Designing infographics from scratch can be time consuming, and if you're a busy freelancer, agency, or entrapenuer who needs to quickly create visuals for your clients or brand, templates are a great way to cut that time down.

Created By Product Photographers, For Product Photos

As professional product photographers, we often create infographics for our clients so that shoppers can get all the information they need at a glance. Many generic templates need lots of editing before they are useful, so we created our own templates designed specifically around using your product photos as the centerpiece - all optimized for E-commerce listings.

Professional Infographics In Minutes

Difficulty: Easy! All it takes is a few clicks to swap out your images and text.

Software Required: Access to Adobe Photoshop or similar program that can edit PSD files. Also available in Canva with a free account.

How It Works: Simply swap out the relevant product photos for your own and replace the text and colors – you’ll be ready to upload to your E-Commerce store, blog post, or client in no time.

Free Bonus: 38 Custom Icons!

Choose from 38 different icons that cover multiple industries and help convey information at a glance.

These icons are created from scratch and are vector based so that they look great at all sizes, and also fit for any kind of graphic design project your company needs them for – brochures, infographics and more.

Use In Your Commercial Projects!

Whether you have clients that need product infographics or it’s for your own store, our infographic templates are for commercial use and require no additional licensing, unlike other options.

The Commercial Use License is a once-off purchase that will grant you unlimited use. It’s royalty free and perfect to make those graphics look professional.

Templates In The Product Infographic Template Pack (Vol. 1)

Satire Included*

Who This Is For

The Product Infographic Template pack is for anyone who wants to reduce the time it takes to create visuals but still wants to create memorable promotional content, but lacks the time or design know-how to make it happen.

These templates were made for the busy entrepreneur in mind who still wants an e-commerce listing that communicates information at a glance in an effective way.

Inside you’ll have everything you need to create product infographics that will help online shoppers make their purchasing decisions. We crafted this especially for:

  • E-Commerce Sellers
  • Freelancers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Product Photographers like us

Why We Made Them

When we first started our product photography career, we found that a lot of our clients wanted infographics that looked good and could compete with the top listings on Amazon.

However, designing them from scratch took up a lot of our time and often resulted in numerous rounds of revisions. Realizing how often we might be in “revision hell,” we were looking for ways to increase our productivity and make more money.

We spent some time creating templates so that all we had to do was swap out their product photos, change some text, and update the colors to match their brand.

What we discovered was that developing templates for our infographic designs helped us produce more infographics in less time, so we were thrilled.

We created templates based on the most popular styles we saw on Amazon, and found that revisions became a breeze – which increased our capacity and made us more money.

So we understand that you care deeply about the quality of your work and we made sure to make it easier for you.

With these templates, all design elements are editable with individual layers in PSD format, making swapping out your product photos a breeze.

Let’s be honest – how many tedious hours have been spent in Photoshop trying to adjust curves? It’s time-consuming no matter who does it!

These will save so much time and frustration since everything is labeled and ready to be customized to fit your brand.

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Individual Templates Also Available For Purchase

Only interested in a few of the templates? Individual templates are the perfect choice if you have a creative project coming up that needs some help, but don’t want to purchase the full template pack.
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