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Many product photographers struggle with sending quotes to potential clients. It’s tough when you’re just starting out and not sure what the best way to word your quote is, or how much information should be in it.

That’s why we created this free product photography quote template that product photographers can use for their own business. This template has all of the important elements that a product photographer needs to include in order to provide a full and accurate quote for their services!

A photographers quote is designed to provide clients with a transparent price estimation. It should include your company’s information, the client’s billing and shipping address, and a detailed list of the items or services on offer. A free quote template is provided below.

I’ve created a copy-and-paste template that includes all of the essential information product photographers need to have on their price estimates. Let’s explore what you’ll want in your price quotes and help you create a flawless template to attract new clients.

Free Product Photography Quote Template Examples

There are several free quote templates available for photographers. However, some are designed to work with specific word processing programs and others can be challenging to use due to excessive images and charts.

That’s why we created our own free-to-use template for product photographers using Google Docs. That way, no matter what kind of word processor you’re using, you’re only a few clicks away from having a professional and personalized template.

Microsoft Word Quote Template for Product Photographers

If you’re using Microsoft Word to create your price quotes, you’ll want to download a free template from the Word template database. The business price quotation template is a great place to start and allows for plenty of customization.

Of course, if you’re not a Microsoft Word user, you’ll need to seek other solutions. Fortunately, we’ve created a solid quote template that’s easy to copy and paste into any word processing program or app.

Universal Free Quote Template for Product Photographers

Whether you’re using Google Docs or Apache OpenOffice, the following free quote template is yours to customize. We’ve included everything you’ll need to provide a professional and accurate price quote to clients. 

Next to each generic line, you’ll find an example that may help clarify the type of information you’ll need to provide. All that’s left to do is to copy, paste, and personalize!

Why Product Photographers Should Use a Quote Template

A quote template makes it easy to submit a price estimate, and it’s a professional way to assure clients of your trustworthiness. After all, less reputable photographers may state a price over the phone or through email but then change this cost after the services have been rendered. 

Product photographers may want to create a customized quote template to help them quickly engage with potential clients. For example, a business looking for a product photographer may ask for a price quote before agreeing to various services. 

Additionally, photographers that offer transparent pricing schedules and estimates are less likely to overcharge their clients, helping to build trust early on. Plus, clients who receive a price estimate are more likely to invest in your business, so it’s vital to go ahead and create a quote template.

Essential Information To Include in a Free Quote Template

Have you ever received a quote that seemed vague or confusing? How did you respond to the information?

Most product photographers are familiar with working within tight deadlines, but it’s important not to rush through price quotes. Clients can tell when their product photographer is too rushed and will appreciate your dedication in providing them with an accurate estimate.

When working with a quote template, it’s crucial to ensure you include all of the necessary information.

After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than submitting an estimate to a client, only to realize later that it’s missing crucial details and your client expected something different.

The essential information you’ll want to have within your quote template includes:

  • Company Information
  • Description of Item or Service
  • Item or Service Price
  • Date and Quote Expiration
  • Terms and Conditions

Let’s take a quick look at these sections to discover why they’re important to your price quote template and how to include them in your final document. That way, you’ll be able to create a flawless and customized quote document on your first try.

Company Information

The very first thing photographers should include on their quote template is their company information. When a client looks at a price estimate, the first thing they’ll see is this section. 

Be sure to list as much contact information as you possibly can within this block. That way, interested clients can call, email, or message you if they have a question about your pricing or services. Remember, consistent customer engagement is crucial to building your business.

Description of Item or Service

After listing your company information (and your client’s billing and shipping address), you’ll want to create a neat table for listing your requested services or for-sale items. You’ll want to dedicate the first column of this table to item/service descriptions.

For example, if the client wants to purchase a three-session photoshoot bundle, you’d write “Three-Session Photoshoot Bundle” in this column. Then, to the right of this description, you’ll want to include the price for the item or service.

Itemizing your quote creates transparency and gives your client an opportunity to customize deliverables if you are outside of their budget.

Item or Service Price

Product photographers may charge per finished photo, per hour, or session. Consider your pricing scheme before setting up your item/service price list. 

Each item or service should be listed on its own line and include its price and quantity. For example, if a client requests a 3 product photos on a white background, you could write “White Background Product Photo” in the items/services section and list the quantity as three. 

This section typically also includes a discount and tax rate line, as well as a shipping and handling line. However, unless you’re producing physical photographs for a faraway client, there’s a good chance you won’t need the shipping and handling line.

In product photography, the common practice is that the client is responsible for shipping their items to you and providing a return label. You may want to include shipping and handling in case the client forgets.

Date and Quote Expiration

You’ll want to include the date that the quote was written and submitted, as well as a quote expiration date. After all, prices for goods fluctuate every day and it wont do you any favors to honor a 6-month old quote should your skills and prices increase.

Also, if you need a specific type of lens or film for a product photoshoot, you could end up spending far more today than you did last week.

If you fail to list a quote expiration date, a client could request low-cost services from you in the future. Additionally, listing a quote expiration is a great way to encourage clients to act quickly and take advantage of lower prices. 

Usage Licensing

Just because you created an image doesn’t mean your clients own the rights to it. Licensing is a way of agreeing with clients on how your product photography will be used and shared.

This helps protect you should your clients use your product photos in ways that you did not condone, which may sometimes cause legal troubles for you, and will insure that you get paid fairly for the value you are creating for their business.

You’ll want to be specific when issuing usage licensing. For example, pricing for using your photos for their website, blog post, or marketing campaign. You can include license information within this section as well so that clients are clear about what they can and cannot do with your product photography.

For more information regarding the legalities and intricacies of creating licenses, I highly recommend the book Licensing Photography (available on Amazon).

Terms and Conditions

Finally, it’s a great idea to consider your terms and conditions. For example, is there a preferred way you’d like to be paid? How many rounds of revisions will you provide? These are the types of questions you’ll want to ask yourself.

Be sure to consider every aspect of your product photography business when writing this section. While most of your clients are likely honest and straightforward business owners, it’s crucial to protect yourself from potential scams. 

A detailed terms and conditions section can help protect you against multiple types of liabilities and ensure clients understand what to expect when enlisting your services.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, it’s crucial to have a customized price quote template. Attracting new clients starts with staying organized and providing accurate pricing information in a professional way. 

A price quote template can help you do just that. Even better, many quote templates are free to use, helping you lower your overall costs while potentially luring in new customers.

Be sure to utilize our free quote template for product photographers today, and check out the rest of our blog for tips and tricks in taking great product photos!



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